Peripheral Vascular Partners

Discover Our Why

Our Mission defines the reason why My Vein and Pain exists. It is the foundation upon which the rest of our framework is built. Our mission is to create high quality, less invasive surgical options for individuals, their family,  and surrounding communities.

Our Vision

Our Vision goes beyond the mission to bridge communication between patients and healthcare providers. It is our priority to continuously educate others on the options afforded to them through modern medical practices and to work with healthcare professionals whose vision for better quality care aligns with our goal of providing minimally invasive treatment options. 


Our vision is to make My Vein and Pain an ongoing service option which will cater to healthcare professionals and patients of current and future generations.

Our Values

Our Commitment to Partnering With The Best Healthcare Professionals

We understand the difficulty that can be present when researching your healthcare options, that is why patient satisfaction is our top priority when selecting our healthcare partners. We strive to develop relationships with leading medical professionals in your area.  Healthcare partners who wish to work with us not only rank highest in their area of expertise, but also match the rigorous requirements:  

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