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The Best Vascular Care in Meridian and Surrounding Areas

Peripheral Vascular Partners was established with a mission of providing excellent vascular care with our surgical alternative treatments. Our patient focused philosophy allows our team to diagnose, educate, and treat our patients who suffer from arterial and venous diseases. It is through our concierge style care that we provide the best treatment for our patients. 

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Our Mission

At Peripheral Vascular Partners of Boise, we understand the importance of vascular health in maintaining overall well-being. That's why our mission is to provide the highest quality vascular care to our patients, utilizing the latest advances in medical technology and innovative techniques.


Our focus on patient-centric care means that we take a comprehensive approach to treating each patient, taking into account their individual needs, medical history, and lifestyle. We believe that open communication and collaboration between our team of vascular specialists, staff, and patients is essential in achieving the best possible outcomes.


We are dedicated to maintaining a supportive and welcoming environment where patients can feel comfortable and confident in their care. Our commitment to compassionate care means that we take the time to listen to our patients, address their concerns, and ensure that they are fully informed about their treatment options.


At Peripheral Vascular Partners of Boise, we strive to continuously improve the quality of our services and stay at the forefront of medical advancements in the field of vascular care. We are proud to be a trusted partner in our patients' journey towards better vascular health.


Our Vision

Peripheral Vascular Partners of Boise envisions becoming the leading provider of innovative and personalized vascular care in the region, catering to a wide variety of vascular conditions in men and women, as well as offering pain management solutions. We are committed to continuously improving our services and advancing our capabilities to ensure optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a center of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases and related conditions. With a strong emphasis on compassion, integrity, and clinical expertise, we aim to build lasting relationships with our patients, their families, and the community we serve. We envision a future where comprehensive, patient-centered care empowers individuals with vascular conditions and pain management needs to achieve the best possible health outcomes and quality of life.


Our Values

Patient-Centered Care

We prioritize our patients' needs and concerns, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction throughout the treatment process.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We believe that effective teamwork and collaboration among our staff, patients, and referring providers lead to better outcomes and a more positive experience for everyone involved.

Expertise and Innovation

We are committed to staying at the forefront of advancements in vascular treatments and to utilizing state-of-the-art technology to deliver the best care possible.

Ethics and Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards in all aspects of our work, and strive to always act with integrity and transparency.

Community and Service

We believe in giving back to the community and serving those in need. We are committed to providing education and resources to help prevent and treat vascular disease, and to supporting local organizations and initiatives that align with our values.

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Howard Sill

Dr. Howard Sill is a highly experienced specialist in Interventional Radiology and Vascular Medicine, with more than 25 years of clinical practice under his belt. Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Sill has honed his skills in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of vascular disorders, including peripheral artery disease, varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and aneurysms. He has a special interest in vascular embolization procedures that treat a variety of conditions such as uterine fibroids, benign prostatic hyperplasia, osteoarthritis of the knee and frozen shoulder. 

Dr. Sill received his degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997, where he distinguished himself as an excellent student with a passion for the intricacies of vascular physiology. Prior to attending medical school, he pursued a PhD in vascular physiology with a focus on vascular disease processes, which provided him with an in-depth understanding of the underlying mechanisms that drive vascular disorders. This unique background has been instrumental in his ability to provide cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments for his patients.

After completing his medical degree, Dr. Sill was trained and practiced as a family medicine doctor, where he gained valuable experience in general medical care and developed a deep understanding of the importance of a holistic approach to patient care. His passion for vascular medicine led him to retrain in this specialized field, and he subsequently completed fellowships in vascular medicine and interventional radiology.

Today, Dr. Sill's unique background in science, general medical care, and vascular interventions enables him to provide patients with a comprehensive and informed approach to their vascular care and treatment. He is committed to working collaboratively with his patients to develop personalized treatment plans that are tailored to their individual needs and goals. Through safe, minimally-invasive, outpatient procedures, Dr. Sill is dedicated to helping his patients achieve optimal outcomes and regain their quality of life.

What We Do

Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology reduces cost, recovery time, pain, and risk to patients who would otherwise need traditional open surgery. Because of this, IR has become the primary way to treat many types of conditions. The treatments IR can effectively perform are ever-changing and expanding.

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"I especially loved how Dr. Sill really took his time to explain my condition to me as well as my treatment options. I had a great visit and he really put me at ease. "

"I had a GREAT experience! I was able to get in right away. The front desk staff and the medical assistant were very nice and helpful."

"Dr. Sill and his staff at Peripheral Vascular Partners are beyond amazing. I never felt rushed, and he always takes the time to answer all of my questions."