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Our team leads the vascular specialty field in the area. We have years of extensive vascular interventional experience, providing the highest level of vascular care with minimally invasive treatment in a patient-centered manner.

  • Dedicated out-patient treatment rather than prolonged hospital treatments.
  • Services are 1/3 of the cost of a similar hospital-based treatment.
  • An ultrasound scan can be scheduled the same day.
  • The treatments are minimally invasive procedures instead of open surgery and performed by vascular interventional radiologists. 
  • Reduced recovery time.
  • Convenient parking and personable check-in ensure you are comfortable preparing for your consultation and procedure.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Vascular medicine is a medical specialty which evaluates a multitude of vascular disorders, some of which are common and some of which are rare. Vascular medicine diagnoses and treats all vascular conditions. After which, your interventional radiologist will recommend the best medical, surgical or interventional treatments. 

Interventional Radiology is a procedural subspecialty that began in the 1960s using minimally invasive techniques to replace open surgeries. Interventional Radiology has treatments for various medical conditions in almost every organ system throughout the body, literally from head to toe.

The interventional radiologists at Peripheral Vascular Partners specialize in treatments involving blood vessels.  These procedures are done through tiny holes that enter the patient’s arteries and veins to provide pinpoint treatment right where the problem exists. The interventional radiologist uses ultrasound and X-ray fluoroscopy image guided wires to either open or close blood vessels depending on the type of issue being treated.  Since the procedure is done through tiny holes in the patient’s wrist or groin, and not open surgery, there is minimal pain and recovery times are measured in hours or days unlike traditional surgery which requires weeks or months. 

From the time you walk in the door, our clinical staff will guide you through the preparation — usually 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the procedure. Each procedure differs in length but can take from 30 minutes to two hours. You will then be in one of our comfortable recovery rooms for one to two hours. On average, you can expect to spend half of the day or so in our facility. You then go home that same day with mild or minimal discomfort and sleep in your own bed that night.

Because IR procedures are minimally invasive, the pain level is significantly less than open surgery or more invasive procedures.  

With our minimally invasive procedures, we do not need to use general anesthetic. Depending on the procedure, we may use local anesthetics only or moderate conscious sedation through an IV. This makes the procedures we do safer with shorter recovery times. 

In most cases, yes! Peripheral Vascular Partners accepts most insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. Our team will work with you and your insurance carrier to make the most of your insurance coverage and keep as much money in your pocket as possible. Your patient care coordinator can let you know if your consultation and/or procedure is covered. 

Before your consultation, your patient care coordinator will work with you to complete all necessary paperwork and copays. 

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"I especially loved how Dr. Sill really took his time to explain my condition to me as well as my treatment options. I had a great visit and he really put me at ease. "

"I had a GREAT experience! I was able to get in right away. The front desk staff and the medical assistant were very nice and helpful."

"Dr. Sill and the entire staff at Peripheral Vascular Partners of Boise are beyond amazing. I never felt rushed, and he always takes the time to answer all of my questions."

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